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No matter how well a patio might be laid, and no matter how much time and money was spent on quality the top quality materials, all pavings, from the very top-of-the-range to the not-quite-so-good, require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. We have all seen those salesbods that promise “maintenance-free” paving in one form or another. The truth is there is no such thing as maintenance free when it comes to property. Regular maintenance keeps the patio in prime condition: lack of maintenance allows paving to deteriorate, looking unsightly and even dangerous when covered with moss and wet.

Patio Cleaning EssexWhy worry about patio cleaning ?

Even if it’s just a basic wash-down with soapy water, all types and forms of paving will look so much better for it, while certain types of paving tend to need a bit more care and attention to ensure they always look as smart as possible. The good news is that cleaning is usually easy and even the most decrepit, neglected or abused Patio Cleaning Maldon WD Maintenancepavement can often be given a new lease of life with just a little effort. WD Property Maintenance specialise in returning your patio to its former glory, releasing the bright colours that were evident when it was first laid. Patio cleaning using the right equipment is both fast and efficient. WD Property Maintenance are able to then seal the patio keeping it weatherproof for longer.

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